Episode 9 | Slumber Party 

Plot (Spoiler)

Worried that Louise does not have any friends, Linda throws a surprise slumber party consisting of four of Louise’s female classmates, none of whom Louise likes: over-talkative Harley, “germaphobe” Jodi, compulsive braider Abby, and boring Jessica. Louise resolves to drive each girl away and end the party. She tells Jodi that Linda suffers from numerous infections; scares Harley into believing that Gene’s secret, deformed, violent twin is about to be let out from the Belcher’s basement; and refuses to allow Abby to braid her hair. Each girl demands to be driven home, leaving only Jessica, who went to bed early. When Louise goes to drag Jessica out of bed, she finds only a walkie-talkie, over which Jessica tells her that a possession of hers is missing. Suspecting Louise stole it to mess with her, she refuses to leave until her possession is returned to her, and won’t tell Louise what it is. In the course of tracking down Jessica in the apartment, Louise finds her to be much more mysterious, resourceful, and cunning than she initially thought. Louise spies Jessica hiding behind a curtain, and a pillow fight ensues between the girls.

Meanwhile, Linda’s fascination with an alley raccoon, whom she dubbed “Little King Trash-mouth” in “Two for Tina,” reaches its peak when he is ousted from his territory by a larger raccoon (dubbed “El Diablo”). Linda takes in Little King Trash-mouth, and she, Bob, and Teddy conspire to remove El Diablo and “reinstate the king.” After the racoon escapes Bob and Linda’s bedroom, the kids find him carrying Jessica’s missing item: a pair of urine-soiled pajama bottoms. Impressed with Jessica’s method of keeping her bedwetting secret at slumber parties, Louise assures her that she won’t tell anyone at school. They bond over their pillow fighting skills and overbearing mothers. Louise invites her to stay the night and Linda delights at Louise finding a friend in Jessica.

In the alley outside the restaurant, Teddy catches El Diablo using a trap with one of Bob’s burgers as bait. Bob shoos Little King Trash-mouth out of the house, and Linda leaves some red wine out for Little King Trash-mouth.

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