Episode 10 | Presto Tina-o

Plot (Spoiler)

magician festival is happening in town, and Bob, excited for the festival, creates a promotion for any magicians dining at the restaurant. Their first customer is the magician Sazerac, who dazzles the Belchers with a seemingly impossible trick. Meanwhile, Jimmy Pesto Jr. plans to perform a magic act at the festival’s competition. Tina urges him to include her as his magician’s assistant, which he does reluctantly. However, she is dismayed to find that Jimmy’s routine has little magic and focuses more on dancing. As she attempts to give him advice, Jimmy and Zeke mock Tina, angering her and resulting in Jimmy firing her and picking Tammy as his new assistant. Furious, Tina vows to perform a better magic act and humiliate Jimmy, but finds she is bad at performing magic. She instead settles for sabotaging Jimmy’s routine.

At the restaurant, Bob becomes disenchanted by Sazerac and the other magicians when they fail to purchase any food, content to loiter in the booths and use their magic skills to disrespect him. Becoming fed up, Bob throws the magicians out of his restaurant and Sazerac declares him an enemy of magic, writing his name down in a little book. Sazerac warns Bob that he will be plagued by mystical phenomena from this point forward. As unexplainable events begin to happen within the restaurant, Bob becomes intent on striking back against Sazerac. At the competition, where Sazerac is one of the judges, Tina changes the music for Jimmy’s dancing magic act to something he cannot dance to. She immediately regrets humiliating him and sets out to help him.

In Sazerac’s dressing room, Bob licks all of the catered food and finds the book, ripping the page with his name out of it. Onstage, Tina frees herself from a straitjacket and salvages the act, causing them to win “Best Onstage Chemistry.” Backstage, Louise steals Sazerac’s book, but the Belchers find a note inside instructing Bob to read the back of the page he tore out. The page has a note from Sazerac telling Bob that he anticipated Bob’s payback and Louise picking his pocket, and claims to have farted on the catered food. The Belchers are left stunned.


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